Securing a place to call your own in Newcastle CBD may feel like a far-off dream, but it doesn’t have to be.

Award-winning property developer Third.i have partnered with Coposit to give hope to aspiring home buyers in the Hunter, allowing them to purchase apartments off the plan with greater ease – including residences soon to emerge in one of Newcastle’s most prime locations.

It’s all part of Third.i’s commitment to revolutionising, and opening up, the road to home ownership, so their developments can become more accessible to a greater number of people.

Designed to help individuals overcome the deposit barrier that prevents them from buying property, Coposit is a fee-free, app-based service that empowers you to purchase a brand-new property with just $10,000 in savings. Thereafter, you simply pay the remainder of your deposit over weekly payments called ‘coposits’.

If you think this sounds too good to be true, we don’t blame you, but it isn’t, and thanks to Third.i the app is taking the Newcastle property market by storm.

Recently, with the support of award-winning property developer Third.i, Coposit has hit the streets of the city’s West End in an exclusive partnership with Dairy Farmers Towers, a partnership that has the whole town talking.

Speaking to the growing number of aspiring property owners who’ve taken interest in their collaboration with Coposit, Luke Berry, co-founder and director of the Third.i Group, said that the gratitude shown by those taking advantage of the opportunity proved that the project was an important undertaking.

“We have been overwhelmed with the positive response to our Coposit launch in Newcastle,” Mr Berry said.

“To think we now have close to ten first home buyers using the platform is just fantastic, as all these buyers have said that they would not have been able to get into the market without Coposit and Third.i. This is exactly what we wanted to achieve with our partnership.”

Land a home in Newcastle CBD with just $10k

For those who may not have been able to enter the market if it weren’t for the road paved by the partnership between Coposit and Third.i, the app has been a blessing.Watching future homeowners securing their own piece of Dairy Farmers Towers has also reiterated to the team at Third.i that innovation is the path forward for the industry if it hopes to serve investors in a way that benefits all parties.

“I am also thrilled to see how investors and downsizers are using Coposit to secure an apartment with us now, so that they can then cashflow their Coposit payments to suit their personal circumstances. Our business is built on innovation and brilliance. Coposit certainly delivers on these two core values,” Mr Berry said.

How can I use Coposit to invest in Newcastle CBD?

Less of a loan and more of a bespoke savings plan, Coposit is a revolutionary service that has essentially flipped the new build deposit on its head. So how does it work with a development like the exclusive Dairy Farmers Towers?

Offering 184 apartments made up of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments, the Towers will help reshape the WestEnd into the city’s most highly sought-after neighbourhoods.And with its unparalleled views of Newcastle and its beaches and exquisite interior designs, it’s easy to see why Third.i have already sold three quarters of the residences that make up their Coposit allocation.

But if you get in fast, there’s still time to secure your own home in one of the city’s most up and coming neighbourhoods.

All you have to do is browse available residences in the Dairy Farmers Towers via the app, submit your enquiry for a property online, and then pay and manage your deposits-or even exchange contracts-digitally, from anywhere in the world. You’ll then receive updates on the development of your investment before you officially settle on your new apartment. Financing a home has never been so flexible, nor complication-free.

Land a home in Newcastle CBD with just $10k

Dairy Farmers Towers one bedroom apartments priced at $600,000 can be secured with a 10 per cent deposit of $60,000. You can digitally secure your apartment with Coposit by investing only $10,000, meaning your remaining deposit balance will be $50,000.

You can then pay off the remainder of your deposit over approximately 105 weeks with Coposit payments of $476 per week.

For two bedroom apartments priced at $800,000, a 10 per cent deposit of $80,000 is required.

Just as you would for a one bedroom, you’ll only need to invest $10,000 with Coposit to secure your investment, with your remaining deposit balance being $70,000.

With two bedroom investments, you can expect to make Coposit payments of $667 per week for approximately 105 weeks thereafter.

Why set your sights on Dairy Farmers Towers?

A consciously-designed construction of one to four-bedrooms residences across two lofty towers in Newcastle West, Dairy Farmers Towers offers its inhabitants far more than just the keys to new apartments.

So as to foster a greater sense of community, a feeling that is sometimes missing from modern urban developments, Third.i plans to incorporate communal green spaces, as well as a host of shared facilities such as a gym, a cabana pool, a wine bar, and shared working hub within the Tower’s modern commercial space.

To honour the site’s local history, Third.i will also re-imagine the heritage-listed, iconic glass milk bottle that once characterised the corner, as well as the original building’s clock towers, as part of a broader public art installation.

When you take up residence in the Towers, you’ll be a part of preserving the city’s history whilst simultaneously investing in its future.

Where do I start my Coposit journey to Dairy Farmers Towers?

With the redevelopment of Dairy Farmers Corner, a landmark will soon be reborn to create a new chapter in the West End’s growth. And Third.i and Coposit are committed to helping you become a part of this chapter in history.By introducing Coposit in the Hunter as a way to provide an alternate, flexible path to purchase in the real estate market, Dairy Farmers Towers hopes to help people, particularly younger people and first time buyers, to get onto the property ladder.